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Reviews and Testimonials

When I heard that Diane was putting on a musical, I knew it was going to be great. What I didn’t know, however, was how much it was going to relate to my own life, and the human experience in general. In Come Home, the audience gets to watch a freeing spiritual awakening unfold on the stage. You’re swept into the goods and bads of Diane’s life, and can’t help but start thinking of your own. While watching the musical, I couldn’t help but feel so inspired, so reassured, and so loved. I left knowing that taking a leap of faith is worth it, there are angels always watching over you, and your life is ready to be magical. You just have to jump.

Love and Blessings,
Melody K


“Come home” is a gem. It sparkles with distinctive music, clever lyrics and a storyline we can all identify with one way or another. Honestly, I was dazzled.”

Anne Curley


I was completely blown away by the musical play “Come Home”! It was well written. A complete story that I wish I could see again. The thought of “Let the past be the past, and the future can look bright”, is a great idea for everyone to hold onto.

Maureen Majeski


I feel Rich, after experiencing all the emotions and love your musical gave to us all! It was everyone’s deepest hidden thoughts. We are each in a different plain of life. With this musical (I hate to call it just a musical because it is much more than that) we can awaken and move forward. I believe everyone who attended became a little bit more real within themselves that night. Some filled with fear of reckoning, some unleashed, and filled with joy! We will never be the same. We will grow and be our authentic self. Thank you Diane! We Love you and all who made this Musical possible.

Camille Veltri


Come Home – A Musical Tale of Awakening, is a must see! This musical was extremely eye opening, funny, transformative and hopeful. After leaving the building I felt lighter. I was reminded that I can be and do whatever my heart desires. I felt connected and not alone. I recommend this beautiful piece of art to all!

Bry Gonzalez


Come Home – A Musical Tale of Awakening was so refreshing, upbeat with a touch of humor! I felt an array of emotions during the program, which to me, is a sign of a great production! I often struggle with thoughts like “Am I doing what I supposed to as a mom, daughter, friend, worker etc.”, “Am I fulfilling my purpose here on Earth?” “Am I just generally good enough …period..” I walked away knowing that although we come from many different walks of life, we can and do share similar stories. We still struggle with the same emotional and/or spiritual issues. We are all connected to the Devine and in the eyes of Spirit, we are all the same, no one is better than the other. We are all here to be (and/or become) the best versions of ourselves. It is okay that we all have different opinions or beliefs. We are all on our own journey here. Letting childhood programming of what I should do with my life or what I should believe only hinders me from reaching my full potential as a spiritual being. It’s okay to be me and to live my own truth, regardless of what I was told growing up or how society tells me I need to be. I think I already felt this deep down however seeing that others also go through this, via the musical, just solidified to me that I am on the right path. I’m thankful that I am finding like-minded people who help me through my journey!



Diane Bloom and Laura Fannon are amazing storytellers. And their incredible harmonies parallel the exquisite synchronicity of the topics they explore. The phenomenal piano of Ann Ruane complimented that lyrics perfectly. At times during the show, I found myself moved to tears (by the character’s vulnerability and relatability); at other times, I found myself belly-laughing! By the end of the show, I imagine every member of the audience left the theater with a keener sense of self and with an increased feeling of hopefulness for this world.

Lori Olson


Come Home was a comical musical and inspirational delight. Diane, as many, was lost and disillusioned, wondering what the point of life is. Who am I why am I here. It’s something we all do when chaos or loss strikes our lives. Through clever conversation with an angel, she finds her way back to herself. The music and lyrics were beautiful and warmed my heart somehow pulling not only Diane but me back home. Home ,in this case, is back to a grateful, magnificent self.

Mary Singer


I wished I could have a guiding, cheerleader angel or two pop down to help me through hard, aimless, hopeless times too. But we all get to benefit from the ever-encouraging message and support of angels Laura Fannon and Ann Ruane. With relatable struggle throughout from Diane Bloom’s character and desperately needed “guidance from above” we are treated to an enrapturing performance, both moving and funny, and a message the whole world could use.

Catie Light


I think it’s a universal problem that adults find themselves carrying around baggage from childhood, and have difficulty knowing “Who am I separate from my family?” This has certainly been my struggle for years as I have peeled off layer after layer of things I have carried that don’t serve me. Laura Fannon and Diane Bloom wrote and performed a delightful musical addressing this issue. Come Home is full of humor and tender, painful realizations as the main character (played by Diane) challenges her angel (played by Laura) to explain why life is so hard. Tears of recognition and raucous laughter by audience members attested to the impact this musical had on all of us who were blessed to see this performance. Come Home ends on a high note as the main character discovers how amazing she is, and I left inspired to continue a similar journey of discovery.

Leslie Woods


Come Home – A Magical Tale of Awakening was written and produced by three, extraordinary, creative writer/musicians. The audience was able to fully focus on the storyline as there was no set, costume, or actor changes. The viewers’ attention was solely on the three actors, triggering a range of emotions from laughter to tears, from despair to hope. A powerful, relatable message and one that is so needed in today’s world. Don’t miss it.

Ann & Mic


Your show reminded me that we all need angels and if we are lucky enough to have them, we are truly blessed. It made me appreciate again all the angels I have and have had in my life. You are one of them. Watching you share your struggle on stage was a powerful reminder that our angels aren’t perfect and sometimes they are a hot mess (not you) but they bring us something we need even if we have to overlook an awful lot to see their offering. I also was reminded (lots of reminders!) of how talented you are and what an inspiration it is to watch someone create as an act of love.



I had the pleasure of attending “Come Home” in October, which is an original musical written and performed by Dianne Bloom, Laura Fannon, and Ann Ruane. From the moment the lights were dimmed, I was completely captivated by the story that touched on themes of self-discovery and self-acceptance. One of the highlights of the show was the music, which was both moving and beautifully understated. I especially loved the interactive music segment at the end, where the audience was invited to sing along and join in the fun. It was a truly immersive experience that left me feeling uplifted and inspired. Overall, “Come Home” was a truly remarkable musical experience, and I would highly recommend it!


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